Monday, March 8, 2010

Week in Review... The American Journalism at it's Best

Nothing is simpler than the Week in Review concept. It smells heavily of the American way of life and it must be stopped. Sadly, I am a cliche this time.

It's hard to focus on this thing when there are so many other simulating devices to occupy your time. After spending all of the previous weekend working on Wedding stuff, we went to dinner with my parents on Monday. After that we celebrated the 25th Birthday of East Coast Custard.

Tuesday and Wednesday went by with little interest and Thursday I drank beer.

Friday we suffered from the Great Fish Fry Debacle! Donauschwaben German American Cultural Center was clearly not the place to go for Fish Fry.

Saturday I did some design work for the Wedding and the we went suit shopping.

Saturday wrapped up with a trip to The Pub in Rocky River where we talked about "The Old Days" and music while I proceeded to drink several Hoegaarden Original White Ales. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to bust out the Flip... no, it was.

Sunday was a slow moving day full of breakfast, more design work and the Oscars.