Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's almost time for Thanksgiving in June

I'm betting every single person reading this just went WTF. Okay, that might be a stretch... I think there might only be one person reading this and I'm pretty sure I married her last month, so not sure how that counts.

But, in the event that you're reading this... Thanksgiving in June is like Christmas in July, only way cooler with turkey.

Again, many of you might be thinking: WHY? If your Thanksgiving Turkey tastes as good as ours does, you understand. Turkey is good. Mash potatoes are good. Stuff - I mean dressing - is good. (Stuffing, as we all know, if evil).

Saturday we'll be enjoying a small feast of Thanksgiving proportions. But in order to make a meal of that flavor magnitude, you need to prep. And prep I did.

The turkey is currently taking a bath in tub. It was rock hard when we picked it up at the Eagle - yes, I dare say we got our bird at the Eagle - and it needs a slow thermal trip back to reality. A little bit of cold convection does the trick nicely.

While the bird is in the bath, I cleaned out the fridge and then did a major overhaul on the kitchen. Half a roll of bleach wipes and two dish-pan hands later and the kitchen is nearly spotless.

Now what? Well, it's time for a nice cold Monk's Blood before the zzzzz's come.

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