Monday, July 4, 2011

Market Garden Brewery: People Watching, Good Food and Beer.

I took Friday, July 1st of to get stuff ready for a family barbecue and after we got everything prepped, Morgan and I hit up the brand new Market Garden Brewery on 25th Street for dinner. It's a pretty cool place, much larger than I expected with two full size bars and a reasonable amount of table space.

The Beer Menu
Their outside Beer Garden patio is nice, but it was super busy, so we passed on the 90 minute wait for a table and took the 0 minute wait for a table inside. There are a few tables out on 25th with no wait as well, but they were in the direct line of the evening sun.

Our Beer Flights
Seems they recently changed table numbers are around because we kept getting the food and drinks of the table next to us. We felt bad because it worked out in our favor, with three, instead of two, 6 glass sampler trays ending up at our table.

The Chorizo Joe
We both really like the food, my Chorizo Joe was really good. It's a house made chorizo sloppy joe with tomato and cheddar cheese, served with a side of chips. It could have used a bit more spice or just a tad more salt, but it is definitely worth the trip down. The chips are good, but not as good as Fat Head's.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich
Morgan got the Fried Chicken Sandwich, braised collard greens, bacon, sawmill gravy and tomato on a toasted english muffin. I'm not a fan of collards, so it was too bitter and vinegary for me, but the chicken was tender and GBD.

The Beer Menu
The portion sizes are a bit small by today's Biggie Sized standards, but I'd wager that I actually ate something close to a recommended portion. And I was full afterwards too, not stuffed liked most of us have become accustom to, but satisfied.

Get Your Beer in a Mason Jar!
The beers were okay. My favorite was the Brown Ale, while M liked the Pearl Street Wheat best. We both rated the Scotch Ale number 2 on our lists. Most of their beers seemed pretty true to style, but lacked any real defining characteristics. Their OHC ESB seemed too weak, but their Amber Lager was better than average. M, who hates IPA's, actually liked their Custer Fuggle IPA, which basically was a Pale Ale with a hoppy aroma. True hop heads should skip it.

The Food Menu
Honestly, the best part of the meal was the people watching. From neo-yuppies to trend-seeking hipster-wanna-bes to average joe's and everything in between. I'd got back just to sip on a Brown Ale, eat some really tasty food and watch people acting way more important than they are.

I want to try the Tacos next
I was impressed with their beer menu design, a modern interpretation of Victorian style. The food menu is more contemporary in style, but still it seemed to fit nicely. Sadly, their website lacks the same design style and the content is in desperate need of an update. I haven't seen that many Coming Soon pages since 1997. Cleveland Hops was nice enough to post a PDF of their menu.

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