Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Night In CLE

My amazing wife Morgan is a member of the Cleveland Yelp Elite (translation: she writes Yelp reviews that are well received.) and she got invited to a special event at Campbell's Sweet Shop on 25th Street in SoLo (that's SOuth of LOrain for us non-hipsters). The shop is actually pretty cool. The smells were amazing and the confections looked quite tasty.

Pirate Oreos
Chocolate covered Oreo cookies made to look like pirates.
Afterwards we did a roundabout drive through downtown, narrowly avoiding Cleveland Indians traffic and getting stuck knee deep in The Avengers filming traffic. I know that I went to film school and have a completely different perspective, but the number of gawkers was depressing.

And hey, I saw the butt cracks of three - count them, 1, 2, 3 - grips and about at least a solid dozen - that's d-o-z-e-n - production assistants directing traffic away from the set. So, basically, I'm say, I'm a pretty big deal. Really. Not to mention the construction team lifting some heavy thing onto the top of 75 Public Square.

Are they filming something?
Important people doing important things.
As a reminder to all that Cleveland is a classy, classy town, someone left their empty bottle of Crown Royal in the parking lot, along with their hot dog wrappers. I'm pretty sure that's the cornerstone of the traditional Cleveland dinner. Add in a pack of cigarettes or perhaps a Philly Blunt and you're a true Clevelander.

Stay Classy, Cleveland
Stay Classy, Cleveland
Walking to Noodlecat, we also crossed paths with the Critical Mass Cleveland August Bike Ride. It's an interesting experience crossing paths with a hundred people on bikes and even better when a few of them loose control and almost run into you.

Okay, okay, I know I'm being really hard on Cleveland right now and I can't honestly say it doesn't deserve it, but the fact it, all of these things are good for our little city. The Yelp meetup, the filming, the empty whiskey bottle, the bike rides, these are all good things. Okay, maybe not the whiskey part, but you get my point.

I'm a reasonable jaded person with little faith that any of this is going to improve the general condition of our town. I mean, when I didn't see even a single legitimate bum, I didn't think, hey, that's great! I thought, hey, were did we ship them off to so the big city film crew folk wouldn't have to be bothered by them?

Today's Special Ramen
The Pork Ramen of the Gods!
But, let me put my jade aside and try to help improve the general condition by saying Noodlecat was phenomenal. Chef Jonathan Sawyer certainly cooks up a serious bowl of noodles. I had the special of the day, a ramen bowl with fried pork cutlets, pork belly and beef tripe. I've had tripe many times before and was 50/50 about it, but I seriously could eat that tripe even day.It was tender delicious, as was the entire bowl.

Honestly, it was a nice time in the city. Really. Aside from the gawkers.

People Hate Us on Yelp
Best. Yelp. Sticker. Ever.

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