Friday, September 9, 2011

Making Torri Gunn's Three Broomsticks Butterbeer

After brewing the decidedly disappointing Closet Monster, I decided to take some time off from brewing. As much as forgetting to add the priming sugar was a factor, the main reason was our one bedroom apartment was starting to look like a beer warehouse. Thanks to all of my friends who have helped consume some of my brews and to those of you who haven't gotten any, well, I still have a fair stock pile, message me.

Writing the first blog
Enjoying a home brewed Citrus Weiss while I write this blog.
By mid-July the bug was biting me, but I wasn't sure what to brew. Mix in a few busy weekends and all of a sudden it's September. But Morgan found an interesting home brew recipe for Three Broomsticks Butterbeer written up by a home brew, Torri Gunn. If you're not a Harry Potter geek, it's the frothy butterscotch flavored beverage the wizards drink.

Without context on the recipe, I assumed it was a tried and true recipe for a delicious beverage; something my wife would definitely like to try. So I logged on to Midwest Supplies on Labor Day and placed my order, knowing I'd have my ingredients on Friday (today) and the universe would be well. Until Torri posted the following message to his blog on Thursday:
Here is the final product, the Hogsmedge Butterbeer. The labels turned out nicely - the beer…. well it could have been better. The flavours did not blend as well as concieved, and the Root-beer notes ended up powering most of the drink (it was commented as well that there were toothpaste notes somewhere in there). 
Raw Ingredients
The raw ingredients, sans the yeast and hops.
At least I read that before I brewed. As for my upcoming brew session, well, I guess necessity will once again be the mother of all invention. Torri's brew is basically a spiced up old English ale, so I'm just going to run down that path, cutting way back on the sarsaparilla to dull out that tooth paste taste and raiding our spice cabinet for some delicious holiday spices. Might need a trip down to Urban Herbs at the West Side Market for some anise too.

Although I'm a  little concerned that I'm going to end up with another flub, I'm happy to be brewing up another batch of something and I certainly won't get any better if I stick with recipes and kits. In the words of Linguini, "lets do this thing!"

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