Friday, October 21, 2011

Time To Get Moving.

My alarm went of at 3:40. For ten minutes. Morgan was already in the shower and I sleep like I'm dead. Sorry neighbors. Other than that, the morning has gone perfectly smooth. Last minute packing, Red Bulls, even time to post this.

Almost packed.
Two people. Ten days. Two suitcases with a nested spare.
Dad will be picking us in about 15 minutes for our luxurious Rooks Cab Service ride to the airport. Then it's off to Dallas and then to NRT in Tokyo.

Work has been pretty crazy lately so I haven't really had the chance to get really excited about the trip yet... but I think it's finally starting to set in. I'm going to Tokyo.

Unlike Morgan, I can't say I've had life-long dreams of going. No specific stories or reasons to go, but the again, I've always been open to going as well. Its the other side of the world, it's old, it's new, it's East and West.

What am I most excited about? The unknown. I know we're going to see some amazing things and I'm really glad I have absolutely no idea what they are.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Great October Update

Somehow it's already the middle of October, so I'm going to catch up on several things I've been meaning to write about.

We bottled up my unintentional Pumpkin Pie Ale, which Morgan has since named Last Year's Costume. She definitely seems to have a knack for naming my brews, so I've decided to make her Vice-Present of Naming. While we were bottling, I was also cooking up another American Strong Ale. I wanted to brew up something like Great Lakes Nosferatu and I think I came pretty close. I just bottled it today and I think it's the tastiest brew I've made to date, with low to medium bitterness and approximately 11% alcohol. I'm still  waiting on the VP of Naming.

Last Year's Costume in bottles and awaiting caps.
I also turned 32. Which pretty much means I'm old enough to remember things like the Challenger Disaster, French cuffed pants and gas for 87¢ per gallon. Morgan and all of the 'rents took me out to Steak On A Stone, which is definitely my favorite place to get a steak aside from Lance's Beef. I was disappointed that John wasn't able to show us the dragons.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to School, Back to School...

It's been ten years since I was in a classroom and thankfully tonight I'm just guest presenting. But given my profession, and the fact that I'm workings towards being certifiably insane, of course I'm blogging about it. Plus it saves me from needing to actually type up an outline or create a slide show. Hopefully Akron's Multimedia Production class will learn something.

I like coffee, I like tea
Me, shockingly with coffee in my hand.
I've spend half of my entire life in a world that was "online". I first started learning HTML in 1992, not that there was much to learn. I published my first web page in 1994 or 95 on Yeah, it was a Star Wars fan page.