Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas and other awkward holiday photos.

What kid doesn't love Christmas? A day entirely built on getting presents. All of those packages wrapped up under the tree, covered in ribbon and bows. Can you honestly tell me you didn't do your best to look at the name tag on each and every one, just hoping it was for you?

Jeff & Santa_edited-2.jpg
Christmas 1980. Clearly I was THRILLED!
Sure, my parents trying to instill the importance of friends and family, but when I was little, I wasn't thinking about that. Nope. I was hoping to find Star Wars action figures, GI Joe's, Transformers, AND a Nintendo game under the tree. Undoubtedly there were some disappointments, but can't remember a single one (NES, cough cough). I certainly had more than my share of great Christmases.