Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Christmas and other awkward holiday photos.

What kid doesn't love Christmas? A day entirely built on getting presents. All of those packages wrapped up under the tree, covered in ribbon and bows. Can you honestly tell me you didn't do your best to look at the name tag on each and every one, just hoping it was for you?

Jeff & Santa_edited-2.jpg
Christmas 1980. Clearly I was THRILLED!
Sure, my parents trying to instill the importance of friends and family, but when I was little, I wasn't thinking about that. Nope. I was hoping to find Star Wars action figures, GI Joe's, Transformers, AND a Nintendo game under the tree. Undoubtedly there were some disappointments, but can't remember a single one (NES, cough cough). I certainly had more than my share of great Christmases.

Christmas 1982 with GI Uncle Al. Clearly GI Joe was a BIG HIT.
Now that I'm an adult, Christmas means family and friends and giving to me. And even though I might still wish I was a little kid sometimes, I'm more than happy to pick out gifts for my younger cousins, to watch the excitement on there faces as the presents pile up around the Christmas tree. Sometimes we give a great gift, some times it's just another gift, but there is always the thrill of the Christmas Eve frenzy ensues, shreds of wrapping paper consuming the entire floor.

Christmas 1990. Sky Shark was sweet, er, RAD.
Merry Christmas, I hope you get to shred some paper this year - or at least experience the joy of watching someone else. And if your family happens to have enough, then you might consider helping those less fortunate.

Christmas 1987. Danny shreds paper and I look amazed.
And now for more awkward family photos. Thanks for posting these, Dad! You're the best!

Christmas 1987. Nice look, Dad.

Christmas 1986. Grandma Gerda was always the biggest kid of them all.

Christmas 1984. Me with Grandma Rooks.

Christmas 1990. I must have been really bad.

Christmas 1984. I invade the yearly "girls" photo.

Christmas 1992. Looking too cool with Grandma Gerda and Tyler. Roy Rogers anyone?

Christmas 1989. Grandma and Grandpa Rooks in their usual spots.

Christmas 1995. At least I wore my good jeans - the ones without holes.
Merry Christmas. And to those of you I "forgot" to include, you might just say thank you.

Merry Christmas from Us to You!
Christmas 2011. We went to Tokyo just to wish you a Merry Christmas!

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