Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sorry B.B., but Mike Doughty is my new "Best Show Ever"!

There is nothing like eating bacon and grooving to "True Dreams of Wichita". Okay, maybe there are millions of things like that, but what can I say, it took some bacon and a little Smofe + Smang to give an angle for this post; it's been lingering in the draft's folder since the day after the show.

Mike Doughty reads from The Book of Drugs
Mike Doughty reads from his The Book of Drugs
I hated that I was unable to write about something so great, in part because I have a serious music-crush on Mike Doughty. Not a man-crush, a music-crush. They are tons of artists that I really love, but few that I'd actually want to be. Mike Doughty just happens to be one of them.

Maybe it's his rhythm or catchy lyrical hooks, but there is just something that draws me to him. He's witty and cynical with a twisted sense of humor - all things I revere - and he's able to capture those things in his songs. From the avant-garde rock of Soul Coughing to the stripped down and raw Skittish; the genius that is Haughty Melotic and the small rock pop of Yes and Also Yes, I wish I had a tenth the skill of Mike Doughty.