Monday, April 2, 2012

The Warby Parker Home Try-On Program

When I was a kid my parents let me stay up way past my bedtime to watch Jaws on network TV. Right after Brody blows up the shark, the station cut to commercial and I was whisked off to bed. I was eight. Even though it was like 10:55pm on a school night, I spent most of the night thinking about what happened next and I only fell asleep out of exhaustion.

I'm sure it seems ridiculous, but I really don't like to miss out on things. Not as an eight year old and certainly not now.

Warby Park Sinclair
Sinclair in Greystone 
This accounts for at least half of the reason why I've avoided the eye doctor for the past five years. Perhaps more rationally, the other half was my really crappy vision insurance that insisted I go to crotchety old men that only have office ours from 10 am to 4 pm on weekdays. I just don't want to burn time on the weekend and often can't take time off from work.

There's just too much beer to brew, friends to see, food to eat and trips to take - I'm just unwilling to miss those things so I can go see the eye doctor. So despite the countless layers of superglue on my glasses, I kept avoiding the eye doctor. I had a nice supply of my contacts and my vision was fine, so why bother, right? Enter Warby Parker.

Warby Park Crosby
Crosby in Greystone 
I first found their website last summer and was instantly impressed. A great selection at a good price with a free try at home program - and they give a second pair of glasses to some one in need. Seriously - how can you lose? Plus I'm not wasting any time at some crappy glasses store with pushy sales people.

I actually like most of their frames too, which was a nice plus. The few times we were out shopping and we'd stop into a glasses store, I'd try on ten or twenty frames and fine one, maybe two pairs of glasses that I tolerated.

My company switched insurance plans in January and by mid-February I had finally bothered to read up on my new vision coverage, which included a doctor that I had previously seen - one that offered weekend hours! I booked my appointment the same day and had a glasses prescription in just a few days. But which pair of Warby Parker's to get?

Hello Home Try-On Program!

Warby Park Felton
Felton in Striped Maple 
I picked out Sinclair, Crosby, Felton, Beckett, and Thatcher. After a $1.00 hold was placed on my credit card, my order was shipped two day air. There were four days between my decision to go to the eye doctor and when I put the first pair of Warby Parker's on my face. Time wasted = ZERO.

Lets be clear, these are frames with blank lenses, so don't expect to get five pairs of prescription glasses, but who cares, leave your contacts in while you try them on like I did. The five day at home trial was great. I quickly picked out my favorites and was able to wear them them each for a whole day, judging the response from my coworkers and friends.

Warby Park Beckett
Beckett in Striped Evergreen 
Oddly no one actually said anything about them, but their looks were pretty interesting. Disturbingly enough, most people had the "I know somethings different, but what is it" look - and these are people I see for at least eight hours each day.

So, which frames did I pick? Well, I'm not telling yet, but I'll say this about each...

The Sinclair frames were my favorites online and I really wanted them to fit perfectly. In the end they were a tiny bit small on my face.

The Crosby were a tab bit big, but very comfortable to wear - I actually forgot that I was wearing them.

Warby Park Thatcher
Thatcher in Whiskey Tortoise 
The Felton were nice and safe. I felt a little bit like Carl from Up.

The Beckett were my second favorite after Sinclair, but they two were a bit small.

The Thatcher were a nice balance between Beckett and Crosby and were also comfortable to wear.

Which frames do you like the best? More importantly, when are you going to start you Home Try-On?

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