Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goodbye RockMelt, Hello Chrome... and Feedly.

For the past eighteen months my browser of choice has been RockMelt, a Chromium flavor with an emphasis on social connectivity and synced content. Unfortunately, for the past several months the RockMelt folks have focused solely on their mobile platform, allowing there desktop platform to fall out of date.

I spend 90% of my day with one of three screens in front of me and I've grown accustom to having those screens are synced. RockMelt's sync feature has been buggy for a while and completely non-existent for the past several weeks. A switch was necessary and after some reading over the holiday I settled on Chrome with extensions for Twitter, Facebook, gMail, SoundCloud and YouTube.

My favorite extension by far is Feedly; it turns your Google Reader subscriptions into an easy to read magazine format. It also lets you manage subscriptions, share stories and save articles for later. Most importantly it syncs between all of my screens and is web accessible. I'm completely addicted to it after only one week and, although it's very early in the year, I'm ready to declare it the Best Web App of 2013.

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