Saturday, January 5, 2013

Phở. Pure and Simple.

A lifetime ago I lived in Los Angeles and phở was one of the first "exotic" meals I had. One of my closest friends was Vietnamese and his parents were considering opening a restaurant that he insisted would be called Phở King. When Morgan and I started dating, I introduced her to phở at Tay-Do, still the best place in Cleveland to get a nice hot bowl of phở.

Last year we decided to try making it ourselves and it actually turned out pretty good. The broth is a labor of love, but it's more than worth it. Armed with eleven pounds of bones from Lance's Beef at the West Side Market and some specialty ingredients from Tink Holl, it's really just a lot of waiting around.

We traded the knuckle and marrow bones for whatever assortment of soup bones that Dave and Grant had on hand and reduced the overnight soak to just thirty minutes. What we lost in clarity, we gained in eating phở today.

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