Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Menacing Lens Flare

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm last October, some fans were concerned about what that meant for the franchise. Having the Mouse in charge didn't bother me one bit; Disney typically does a good job managing their brands. But with the announcement that J.J. "lens flare" Abrams would be directing Star Wars VII, my opinion has changed. I went from knowing Star Wars would be redeemed to worrying that it couldn't.

I suppose that's not really fair to Mr. Abrams, but I've just never liked his work. As much as I liked the concepts behind Alias, Lost, and Fringe, I was bored by the shows themselves. Although some of his screenwriting credits disturb me, see Taking Care of Business and Gone Fishin', I'd be willing to cut Armageddon more slack if it wasn't directed by Michael "Explosion" Bay. Wow, did I just say that?

I haven't seen the bulk of his directorial work, but I did see Star Trek, and I actually liked it. I'll boldly state it's my favorite J.J. Abrams work to date. Unfortunately, it's just not a very good Star Trek movie. Remove Kirk, Spock and McCoy, replace with characters from any other space-based Sci-Fi franchise, tweak the universe-specific plot devices slightly and POOF! Yes, I'm aware that J.J. didn't write the movie, but I can't be bothered to allow reason and logic to prevail while I'm building my case against him.

Looking to the future, I've lived in a world where Star Wars has disappointed me for more than a decade. While I'm still hopeful Star Wars will be redeemed, even if it means the human lens flare is in the director's chair. And if it does get worse, at least I have LaserDisc rips of the unspecialized Original Trilogy.

To steal a line from Han Solo, "Good luck... You're gonna need it."

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